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Gogol Bordello


Every stateside rock band employing wheezing squeezeboxes and polka-dotted rhythms owes Gogol Bordello a dividend check. As Eastern European originators in American independent music go, the Lower East Side Manhattan gypsy punks are Ellis Island: mustachioed Ukrainian frontman Eugene Hütz, shirtless and sweat-slick, the embodiment of vodka-fueled Slavic mania; his eight-deep contingent, a powder keg of sawed-off klezmer fiddles and Russki-reggae accordion plunges. Fifth album Trans-Continental Hustle, released in April, is most informed by two factors: Hütz's move to Brazil in 2008 (broadening an already transcontinental sound), and the band's move to super-producer Rick Rubin's American Recordings imprint (amping up the guitars and refining the grit, for better or worse, on its abrasive, sandpapery finish). Gypsyphonic Disko and Outernational open. Tickets $25 advance purchase, $28 at the door. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

Oct. 8

Gogol Bordello

9:30 p.m. Friday

Republic, 828 S. Peters St., 528-8282;

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