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Glass Recycling


  Nonprofit recycling organization NOLA Glass seeks to launch a recycling program in early 2011 for hotels, restaurants, bars and other institutions that use large amounts of glass. While NOLA Glass currently lacks the facilities and resources to accept glass waste, owner Stephen O'Connor hopes providing glass recycling services to the hospitality industry will "jump-start larger recycling efforts throughout the region," he says. This model was successfully used at Phoenix Glass, says O'Connor, a former owner and director of business development at Phoenix. He also hopes to partner with schools to organize drop-off recycling events and develop recycling education curricula.

  People who wish to contribute to the organization's efforts to launch a glass recycling program can make a tax-deductible contribution by mailing a check to NOLA Glass, 258 Pine St., New Orleans, LA 70118. (Don't bring your glass waste to that address, O'Connor warns; there's no facility for handling it, and it will be sent straight to a landfill.) Email O'Connor at nolaglass@gmail.com for more information. — Missy Wilkinson

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