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Givers, with Caddywhompus


Is Givers for real? Blowing underwater trumpet bubbles, traveling on a school bus filled with 40 friends, beaming at all times like hyperglycemic sandbox kings — press photos and cavorting blogs may not be good a barometer of a band's mood, but the Lafayette pop quintet rarely appears less than entirely psyched to be alive and making music. It's a vicious contagion passed along via playful, light-headed song. Gigging for barely a year, the group enjoyed an eventful first trip around the sun: opening one of its first out-of-town shows in June 2009 for Dirty Projectors in Baton Rouge, then joining the breaking Brooklynites on tour for five dates in October; deicing a path through East Coast blizzards in February, presumably by inner warmth; and blazing a reverse trail in the spring, beginning in Philadelphia in May and ending at Houston's Free Press Summer Fest in June. Along the way, the band recorded two debuts, a September 2009 eponymous EP (Valcour) — the sweetest, fizziest Louisiana product since the nectar float — and a forthcoming 2011 full-length. Expect an ecstatic popcorn push toy. Singer/percussionist Tif Lamson also performs on Saturday, in a two-woman show at the Circle Bar with Empress Hotel's Julie Williams. Caddywhompus and the City Zoo open at One Eyed Jacks. Tickets $10. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

Sept. 3

Givers with Caddywhompus

10 p.m. Friday

One Eyed Jacks, 615 Toulouse St., 569-8361;

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