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Girls Just Want to Have Fun: New Paintings by Jim Sohr


Many years ago, Jim Sohr meandered down to Louisiana from his native Wisconsin, that fabled land of beer, bratwurst, polkas and the lonely blonds that haunt his paintings even now. A visionary by avocation, he may have been a born painter, but his talents were honed at Angola penitentiary, where he ended up for infractions involving substances that seem tame by today's standards. But every visionary must start somewhere, and Angola was to Sohr what the desert was to St. Simon " a place to plumb the psyche and explore eternal verities, a process that continues in this Girls Just Want to Have Fun expo. And if others have expressed similar sentiments, only Sohr distills them into abstractions that seem to pour forth from a 24-hour bowling alley of the soul, evoking Laverne & Shirley as much as Picasso " a singular achievement by any measure. " D. Eric Bookhardt

Through Nov. 24

Big Top Gallery, 1638 Clio St., 569-2700;


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