• Photo by Minoru Tsuyuki

In a roundabout way, New Orleans has George W. Bush to thank for this rare-treat appearance by Tokyo's fabled Ghost. The 25-year-old group led by visionary singer/guitarist Masaki Batoh (pictured), likely the finest psych/rock band on an island teeming with them, vowed in 2006 to skip any stateside visits until the erstwhile president abdicated his throne. (It took barely three months of the new administation to prove he's a man of his word.) The mystery-shrouded frontman has given jam bands and Japanese hippies a charitable good name since 1991, when Ghost's eponymous debut — an aural acid flashback laced with ear-piercing feedback, droning pop loops, medieval faire flute fills and Batoh's dead-on Lou Reed deadpan — landed on American shores thanks to the Drag City label. Via seven albums since, the vagabond outfit has surfaced every so often to betray another discipline of its weird science: from experimental recordings captured exclusively in places of worship (1997's Temple Stone) to prismatic, Celtic-tinged space folk and improvised 28-minute pastiches (2007's In Stormy Nights). Lichens opens. Call club for ticket information.


10 p.m. Fri., May 15

One Eyed Jacks, 615 Toulouse St., 569-8361;

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