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George Bush vs. Barack Obama


  Louisiana voters think former President George W. Bush did a better job after Hurricane Katrina than President Barack Obama has done so far with the Gulf oil catastrophe. That's the conclusion of a telephone survey taken over the June 12 weekend by Public Policy Polling (PPP), which found 50 percent of respondents thought Bush's response was stronger than Obama's. The current president's response to the BP debacle was favored by 35 percent, and the rest were unsure. (The poll was taken before Obama's June 15 Oval Office speech on the oil crisis.)

  There was little difference of opinion on the hot-button topic of offshore drilling, which was supported by 77 percent of those surveyed (only 11 percent were unsure). The numbers were similar when the question turned to long-term impact: 76 percent of respondents said the oil disaster will be more harmful for the state than was Hurricane Katrina.

  The PPP survey had mixed news for Gov. Bobby Jindal: 63 percent of respondents approved of his performance as governor — but only 34 percent wanted him to run for president in 2012. Lucky for Jindal, he keeps insisting he hasn't got an eye on the White House. — Kevin Allman

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