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Generationals with Brass Bed



In the two years since handing an unmarked CD-R to Park the Van honcho Chris Watson at the Mid-City Yacht Club, Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner have emerged as the local rock label's unlikely golden goose, collaring old alpha Dr. Dog by landing Generationals' frothy, '60s-sprinkled compositions on flirty soundtracks (the Drew Barrymore/Justin Long vehicle Going the Distance) and in candy commercials (Reese's). What the antithetical New Orleans act hasn't done is settle on a steady concert lineup, a confounding problem for a band that comes upon brilliant pop songs like pocket change. That program gets a second reboot on Friday with the introduction of two new primaries, Park the Van familiars Michael Libramento (keyboardist for Floating Action) and Juston Stens (former drummer for Dr. Dog). The recast quintet has all the tools necessary for reinvention: Recent EP Trust and second LP Actor-Caster (due March 29) are nesting musical treasure chests, each bejeweled with doe-eyed guitar and keyboard leads, double-helix bass lines and some of the most appealing, shoe-shuffling vocal hooks we'll hear all year. Brass Bed and Butter & Jelly open. Free admission. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

Jan. 14

Generationals with Brass Bed

10 p.m. Friday

Blue Nile, 532 Frenchmen St., 948-2583;

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