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Mixing and matching for an eclectic garden look



For lovers of outdoor living, attention to detail with nods to comfort and color are keys to designing a garden that welcomes guests and encourages lounging. Andi Eaton, creative director of Andi Eaton Creatives and author of Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to Traveling in Style and New Orleans Style shares her tips for creating a cozy, livable outdoor space.

  "A newly planted garden should feel as if it's been growing for ages," Eaton says. Mixing and matching new and vintage features and "adding piles of succulents" will help shape the space.

  Fireplaces, candles, lanterns and strings of lights create a dreamy, ethereal feel, and outdoor rugs define and finish an area.

  "Outdoor rugs are especially practical when you're entertaining and lounging outdoors," she says. "Add a few throw cushions right on the rug and friends will pile (on)."

  Eaton also suggests selecting items with a story. She accents her outdoor space with trinkets from her travels and with objects that she's repurposed as planters or water features.

  Add energy to the space with outdoor furniture or appliances in bright colors.

  "If you don't yet have flowers blooming in your garden, the punches of color add a dressed-up vibrancy to your outdoor space year-round," she says.

  Take cues from nature. Create a pathway from ecologically sustainable material like limestone. She also suggests thinking outside the box when it comes to choosing plants. There are thousands of locally available plant species, but many shoppers only purchase well-known plants. Having a combination of shapes, heights and colors creates a dynamic landscape, and bamboo is a great filler that adds texture and stature to any garden. 

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