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What do Facebook's changes mean for small businesses? In the coming days, Facebook users will see fewer posts from the businesses they follow because of an algorithm change. While Facebook advertising may become more expensive and your organic reach will take a hit, this change does present an opportunity for you to evaluate how you are reaching new and existing customers.

Control your digital audience. Own the way you communicate with your customers. Grow your email and direct mail list by collecting data from customers visiting your shop or restaurant. Need help getting new email addresses? From data-driven promotions to exciting contests, Gambit's team of experts is here to help you effectively expand your client base.

Don't forget, print is tangible. The messages you see in your social media feed scroll, vanish and self destruct. Print lasts. Your message sticks in a paper that readers actively pick up and it lives in our archives. When someone calls us and says they saw an ad in Gambit months back, we help them find it.

 Evaluating the cost of reaching a new customer. Gambit advertising is more affordable than most social media platforms. When deciding where to promote your business, always use a CPM calculator.

Know your numbers. In New Orleans, age is just a number. From 25 to 75, locals who love living here are eating out, hearing live music and shopping at local businesses. The best cutomer is an active customer. You may think digitally-savvy millennials matter, and they do, but an audience of fun-loving, hungry Gambit readers matters most.

Feel good about your marketing decisions. By choosing local media for your advertising and marketing decisions — you are supporting a locally owned business like yours.

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