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Functional and fashionable looks for your pool

An expert offers some tricks to keep the pool classy


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Summer is here, and for many New Orleanians, that means spending as much time as possible in or near a pool.

  Whether hosting a casual family gathering, a wild pool party or something in between, there are several ways to spruce up the outdoor space. Local shops offer a variety of items that enhance the area in functional and fashionable ways.

  "One easy way to add style to your outdoor space is by adding some bright throw pillows made with durable fabric that can withstand the elements," says Sara Frascona, a design consultant.

  For pool parties, upholstered patio furniture can enhance the space visually, and make it cozy and comfortable.

  Avoid glass, china and anything that can break easily on a pool deck. There is a variety of plastic dishware available in stylish designs. Frascona also loves poolside lighting. Edison bulbs, lanterns and Tiki torches add charm and illumination to gatherings that extend into the night.


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