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From the editor: January 2018



This issue marks the beginning of my second year at the helm of CUE. While it's a new-ish beginning for me, it is a fresh start for the magazine.  

 In 2018, we're rebranding as CUE Magazine, and bringing our readers fresh, timely content to help y'all live your best lives. We're keeping our features about home, fitness, fashion and beauty, but expanding that coverage to address the questions and needs of our readers. Instead of merely showcasing beautiful homes and luxurious fashion, we want to help you make your space beautiful and find luxurious fashion that works for you. We're also bringing you reporting on New Orleans real estate and managing finances, and our new fitness features will encompass not just your physical health, but also your emotional and mental well-being.

 We couldn't think of a better time to roll out these new features than the first issue of the new year, when "we" are on our own minds, especially after the spreading-too-thin of the holidays. On Jan. 1, many sit down and pen New Year's resolutions — promises to ourselves to lose weight, gain confidence, spend less, save more, etc. It's tempting to think of the New Year as a chance to make a new you. But I prefer to think of the new year as a moment to look at the evolution of you. Instead of viewing the areas you want to change as correcting something undesirable, think about all the progress you've made and the ways you're going to continue to switch gears to make the most of you. We talked to a few experts about some common New Year's goals, and compiled a wealth of topics and tricks for you to try. Here's to the year of you.

  Yours in peace, love and high hopes,
Katherine M. Johnson

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