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We have autumn on our minds here at CUE. It may not feel like fall, but we can pretend with fashion, decor and garden plants that evoke the coziness of my favorite time of year.

 Snuggle up by a roaring fireplace (or cue up a YouTube video of one if it's too hot) with some autumn-hued decor ideas in New & Cool, or get outside and plant chrysanthemums or ornamental peppers in warm reds, oranges and yellows, as Built in Style suggests.

 Fall fashion goes transcontinental with looks from European runways. It's all about detail and texture: Our model wears a hot pink perforated neoprene gown with a high-low hem and bejeweled, embroidered slip-ons for one of her looks.

 For this issue, I interviewed Kenneth Kynt Bryan of Dance Fitness New Orleans. When I asked him what advice he'd give to someone afraid of taking up dance, he replied, "I'd tell them to get out of their own way." What simple, powerful advice — what could you accomplish if you "got out of your own way," tried something new and discarded the "I can't do that" narrative? I've applied that advice to everything lately, and I feel a lot more confident for it. Give it a try.

 The holidays are upon us (shriek!), but take the time to enjoy them. The world has shifted on its axis for many of us. Counting your blessings and being grateful is a crucial part of healing and moving forward. May your Thanksgiving be filled with turkey and football, or whatever brings you comfort.

 Yours in peace, love and pumpkin spice,

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