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So, I finally broke down and had my photo professionally taken for my editor's letter. I don't like being photographed, but I was lucky enough to have a photographer who made the experience enjoyable. That's a real smile! While in beautiful City Park for my photo shoot, I noticed several families — parents and kids, pets and their owners, partners and friends — having their affection for each other captured on film. In this time of suffering and uncertainty, it was uplifting to see so much love on display. Show some extra love today with a scratch behind Fido's ear or a hug that lingers an extra moment. Take a silly selfie with your co-workers.

 This month in CUE, several experts offer tips for readying our homes for inclement weather. Although we hope we don't need them, it's comforting to know there are precautions you can take. StudioHop debuted in New Orleans in August, and we're excited for a cost-friendly way to shake up our exercise routine. Fabiola Divins and Aimee Sedky of Paint'd bring a manicure-only salon to Magazine Street, and my nails have never been happier.

 Lauren Wakeman gets gussied up and chats about the Saks Fifth Avenue Key to the Cure gala and the nearly $2 million it's raised for cancer research in Louisiana since the inaugural event 15 years ago. And fall's hottest accessories have us seeing every shade of red.

  Yours in peace, love and grenadine dreams,

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