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We proudly present to our readers CUE's 2017 Style Makers. Annually, we recognize a few movers and shakers out there who are building brands and creating works of art, people we are proud to call New Orleanians. It was a struggle to select only five when facing a feast of talent in the city. I had never heard of some of our Style Makers until I began my search, and some were as familiar as K&B purple and missing street signs. Check them out, then make the effort to check out something and someone new this month. You will be surprised at the wealth of talent right under your noses.

  Our CUE Tips column features a few more local gems. Get your hair syled at the certified sustainable Sweet Olive Salon, and then treat yourself to some posh made-in-the-USA leather goods from Jean Lorent. I'm telling you — surprised!

  I'll be stepping away from my desk to enjoy the bounty of the Atlantic Coast for a few days — Maine lobster and ice cream with "jimmies" (New England-speak for "sprinkles") are definitely on the menu. I'll return rested, rejuvenated and ready for September! (The issue, not the proverbial weather that accompanies the month.) If you're having trouble getting rest, check out this month's Built in Style — it's two pages dedicated to getting those zzz's.

  Yours in peace, love and an ocean breeze,

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