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CUE goes global this May with features that we hope will give you a little "cultcha," as Vic and Nat'ly would say.

 To showcase spring fashions, we recreated Havana in the courtyard of a Faubourg Marigny restaurant with lush greenery and bright pops of color. The sultry weather took care of itself.

 For the kids, we bring you a monthly subscription box of books and activities that explore the history and customs of world cultures. For adults, we sit down with the directors of Komenka Ethnic Dance & Music Ensemble to talk about why learning traditional regional steps (like a Spanish bolero or a Polish mazurka) is great for the body and the mind.  

 Speaking of dancing, Maritza Mercado-Narcisse of the Narcisse Movement Project tells us where to go after festing all day, and what to wear when we get there.

 Jazz Fest approaches, and festival season is still just revving up. CUE suggests a few items to throw in your bag to make the most of it, including a foot treatment that will make you a believer in essential oils (if you aren't already).

 We also show off beautiful floral prints in honor of springtime — even the dog is going to look festive in a flower-printed collar.

 Last week, I met Kara Nelson, the original editor of CUE (pictured above). You never know where life will take you. Enjoy your travels, but don't forget: There's no place like home.

 Yours in peace, love and crawfish hands.

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