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From the Editor


A few weeks back, spending the day getting in and out of my car on CUE-related business, I found myself on Magazine Street in front of Audubon Park late in the afternoon. A ridiculous place to be driving at that time of day, I realize — but the weather was fine, and I was in good spirits. So what's a little traffic? Feeling generous — and deducing from the long line of cars in front of me that I wouldn't be getting far anytime soon — I waved to a few of the hopelessly left-signaling cars waiting at the exit of The Fly to cross in front of me. After the third or fourth went through, I started to wonder how many cars I could — in good conscience — let by without being inconsiderate to the drivers behind me who may have been feeling more moody than magnanimous. With an eye in the rearview mirror, I decided to let one more pass. As I waved her through, the driver, who must have realized she'd been dangling on the edge of my generosity, leaned out of the window of her minivan and, mouthing the words "Thank you, thank you, thank you," started kissing her hands and fervently blowing the kisses at me. Now, I'm one of those drivers who will always give a friendly wave when another driver shows me a similar courtesy. But this? This was way over the top. And I ate it up! Really. It made my whole day. I laughed out loud and smiled all the way back to Mid-City. In fact, I'm getting a warm, giddy feeling right now just writing about it. So I say, never underestimate the power of a hearty, even overzealous, thank you. If you feel it, just go with it. I mean, that woman was probably just being herself and never gave it a second thought. But here I am, over a month later, still talking about her.

In that spirit, I'd like to take this opportunity to say a few words of thanks as well. First of all, I have to thank Romney Caruso, the photographer who shot the cover of last month's CUE — a man who responded with unquestioning forgiveness when I called to tell him that, in our rush to go to press, we'd neglected to give him credit for the photo. So thank you, Romney, for our lovely April cover. And for this issue's cover and fashion shoot, I want to thank Ellen Johnson and Ronnie Swartz for affording us such a beautiful vista. Thank you Bridget (page 29), our young and professional-beyond-her-years model from ABOUTFACES MTM. You were a joy to work with.

A big thank you to the lovely Calais Coulon (page 21) for letting us take her photo at nine months pregnant. (And congratulations in advance on your new baby, who is scheduled to arrive any day now.) To interior designers Michelle Verdigets and Curtis Herring, thank you for taking a small step back from your tastes for the finer things to show us that it is possible to achieve a great look at a fair price for our budget decorating project (page 11). And last but not least, Peggy. Thank you for making great strides for your gender by becoming the first female Shop Dog (page 54), and for not being a diva at your photo shoot.

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