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How often do we think about the relationships that make up our lives? Intimate or frivolous, our interactions with people around us matter. There are temporary relationships — the conversation you strike up with the clerk at the grocery or the bank teller — and intricate ones that make up the bedrock of who we are, like seeking advice from mom or dad on how to mend a broken heart or resolve conflicts at school or work.

This month, we dedicate our issue to relationships romantic (our Kissable Lipstick Test, unique New Orleans date ideas) and platonic (guided group meditation and reiki healing at bimonthly Crescent City Circle meetings). Crescent City Circle's gatherings also address perhaps our most important relationship: the one we have with ourselves. The sprituality espoused by organizers Hanna Hall and Leah Vautrot could be a valuable takeaway for anyone. Learning to center yourself and let go of old baggage both are positives in my book.

We also take a dive into the complex side of love. Couples' therapist Tracy Brockman and bank president John Zollinger weigh in on love and finances and how to reconcile the two. Statistically, money is a top reason why couples argue and divorce. Brockman and Zollinger tackle three common relationship scenarios, and you'll be surprised by how much their advice overlaps.

Filmmaker Garrett Bradley talks shop and the inspiration behind her Oscar-shortlisted film Alone, which tells the story of a young woman dealing with the absence of her incarcerated boyfriend.

Finally, it's Carnival time. Get out there and have a ball.

Yours in peace, LOVE and Mardi Gras Indian feathers,
 Katherine M. Johnson

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