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From the editor: Our baby is all grown up.



  Ten years ago this month, the owners and editors of Gambit launched CUE magazine to feature "Contemporary, Uncompromising, Exposed" fashion, home and beauty products and advice for locals.

  The tug of war between tradition and innovation is never felt so strongly as when milestones like anniversaries are reached. Some columns and advertisers stay the same (CUE In, Trashy Diva), while some evolve or fall by the wayside (House to Home, Shop Dogs). However, we must look back to build the future, so this special anniversary issue includes novelty sprinkled with throwbacks from the past.

  We're celebrating 10 years and every year in between with a special feature dedicated to each of the modern anniversary gifts. The gift exchanged between loved ones at the end of the first year is clocks, but instead of the cuckoo or the grandfather variety, we're talking about clocked workouts — specifically, high-intensity fitness training. Year two is for beautiful, delicate china, but we prefer the functional (and wearable) kind. Katy Beh, local jewelry designer and interviewee in our very first issue, discusses the way glass mirrors and crystal chandeliers add sparkle to her decor for the third anniversary — do try this at home.

  The fourth anniversary gift is silverware, but with today's busy schedules, a plastic spork is often the most convenient utensil. Instead, CUE connects with Mignon Faget, a powerhouse of silver jewelry design in New Orleans for nearly five decades. She talks about longevity in the fashion industry, and as spring arrives we take a look at trending outdoor kitchen appliances for year five. Anniversary six means wooden gifts, and Ross Lunz takes us beyond the everyday with furniture handmade in his 7th Ward Skimmer Studio from reclaimed local wood and street signs.

  Desk sets get saucy in time for the seventh anniversary, and we ask ourselves, "What would Beyonce do?" Crush it, while wearing year-eight lace and linen outfits for work and play. Leather makes a great ninth anniversary gift, but in lieu of clothing and accessories, we talk about outfitting your home instead.

  Things culminate with diamonds, which is every dedicated reader's reward for sticking by us for 10 years. We showcase some of the best and brightest in the city — go ahead, treat yourselves. You deserve it, as does the talented crew that brings every issue of CUE to life from inception to print.

  And there's so much more to be excited about in April. On the live music scene, French Quarter Fest and Jazz Fest will soon dominate everyone's social calendars, with the already in-progress Wednesdays at the Square and Thursdays at Twilight in between. Looking at all these days filled with taking in the sun has me so excited about the sunburn I'm going to get, despite wearing SPF 50. Bring CUE with you — it makes great reading in between musical acts.

  Here's to 10 years of contemporary, uncompromising and exposed looks at life in New Orleans, and to the next 10, and the next.

  And we don't look a year over five.

  Yours in peace, love and diamond- flecked sunblock.

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