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From a Hard Ground : Contemporary Prints from South Africa


From a Hard Ground features work by a number of noteworthy printmakers from Cape Town, South Africa, and the surrounding townships. Working with limited means and sometimes humble materials, these artists produced powerful images reflecting the ongoing saga of life in South Africa during a period of great change. Curated by Teresa Cole from works in local collections, the show spotlights artists from the Hard Ground Printmakers workshop, established in 1989 by well-known South African artist Jonathan Comerford, and is named for the difficulty many independent artists were having gaining access to printmaking presses. A printmaking instructor herself, Cole says she uses some of these works in her classes to illustrate "the amazing range of expression" that these artists are able to coax from linoleum prints, often working with simple, or even handmade, tools. --ÊD. Eric Bookhardt

Through Sept. 21

Tulane University, Newcomb Art Dept., Carroll Gallery, 314-2228


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