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Fresh Fries

The crates of raw potatoes stacked up around the dining room at a new burger joint called Flamin' Burgers (2009 Williams Blvd., Kenner, 305-2427) are a tip-off that the place is serious about fries. The freshly cut spuds are turned into excellent fries sprinkled with sea salt and served in cups for about $2. The rest of the menu consists of burgers and hot dogs with a variety of toppings (chili, cheese, etc.), milkshakes, soft drinks and beer.

Main Squeeze

The new Uptown sno-ball stand and juice bar Beaucoup Nola Juice (4719 Freret St., 430-5508) puts a healthy spin on one of the city's traditional summertime pleasures. Beaucoup makes sno-balls by dousing shaved ice with pureed fruits rather than sugary syrups. The shop also juices fruits and vegetables by the glass and makes ice pops with the purees.

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