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Celestial Seasoning

Chef Glen Hogh seems to have a penchant for theme dinners, and at his Vega Tapas Cafe (2051 Metairie Road, Metairie, 836-2007; he's assembled special menus over the years riffing on subjects from Middle East politics to aphrodisiacs. His latest shindig is a six-course dinner on Tuesday, June 30, celebrating the summer solstice. Each course is accompanied by wine and has a playful celestial theme — crab nebula salad, moons of Jupiter (various meatballs), etc. The full menu is online. The cost is $75 per person, including tax and tip. Reservations are required.

Crepe Shop Folds

The French Quarter restaurant Petunia's closed its doors at 817 St. Louis St. after a quarter-century in business. The restaurant was best known for its crepes, including elaborate, savory versions filled with seafood and sauces. It was housed in an 1830s-era Creole townhouse that became a crepe shop in the 1970s. New owners expanded the menu and renamed the restaurant Petunia's in 1984.

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