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Going Green

Chef Chris DeBarr opened his new restaurant Green Goddess (307 Exchange Place, 301-3347; in a tiny French Quarter space. DeBarr previously was chef at the Delachaise where he built a reputation for boundless creativity and a passion for exotic ingredients. That's all evident at Green Goddess, where the menu lists dishes like crawfish cakes with romesco sauce and caviar, bison and bacon meatloaf and "Spooky" blue corn crepes made with the rare Mexican corn fungus huitlacoche. Green Goddess is open for lunch Wednesday through Sunday and dinner Thursday through Sunday.

Ice Cream Expansion

There's a new Lakeview location for the ice cream shop Creole Creamery (6260 Vicksburg St., 482-2924; Among the many flavors usually offered, Creole Creamery serves some half-dozen variations on chocolate and such unlikely flavors as avocado with mint or sweet corn with cracked pepper. The original Uptown location (4924 Prytania St., 894-8680) remains open.

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