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Market Report

The Crescent City Farmers Market Cookbook, written by local food-educator Poppy Tooker, collects recipes from New Orleans chefs, market vendors and customers and adds vignettes about the culture and community around the market itself. On Thursday, March 12, the market holds a fundraiser and book signing featuring dishes from the book and a talk by chef Alice Waters, who wrote the foreword. For tickets, call 861-4485 or visit

Arepa Arrival

A new South American restaurant called Oriente de Venezuela (115 Chartres St., 265-0622), or "East of Venezuela," is open in the French Quarter. In addition to Cuban sandwiches and fried chicken, the kitchen offers regional specialties like the salted fish dish bacalao, smoked pork chops and arepas, corn-flour rolls stuffed with cheese and meats.

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