You Scream, I Scream ...

Angelo Brocato's (214 N. Carrollton Ave., 486-0078) frozen confection experts know how to treat a summer peach. Peach ice, dark in color but pulsing with flavor, is currently the most season-sensitive flavor going at the Mid-City shop. I've never yet left the premises without a scoop of zuppe inglese, a yolk-yellow ice cream that tastes like eggnog with chocolate chips, but that didn't keep me from a slab of torroncino last week. Essentially pulverized almonds and cinnamon folded into vanilla ice cream, torroncino might be the only ice cream I've ever eaten from a doily-lined plate. Find it in the display case next to the spumoni and baked Alaska.

Wine Geek

Rickilane Banks is pairing his knowledge of the Pinot Noir grape with Chef Adolfo Garcia's tapas know-how for the third in a series of wine tastings, to be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 30, at RioMar (800 S. Peters St., 525-3474). Why spend the $20? Banks, a waiter at the restaurant, brags, "I'm pretty well-known as a wine nerd."

All Wet

I wonder how GW Fins' (808 Bienville St., 581-3467) 70 wines by the glass feel about the restaurant's current martini promotion. Through Aug. 31, guests at the bar may taste three specialty martinis for $5. GW Fins' signature martini, the Valentini, combines raspberry vodka and white creme de cocoa in a chocolate-rimmed glass.

Back Up

Alex Patout is a survivor. In 2002, he leased a circa-1830s cottage in Mandeville in order to open a sister restaurant to his Alex Patout's (720 St. Louis St., 525-7788) in the French Quarter. The building caught fire last July, before many people had heard of it. Then, $700,000 later, the restaurant re-opened on the fire's one-year anniversary, a bittersweet celebration, to be sure. Alex Patout's Northshore location is at 2025 Lakeshore Drive, Mandeville, (985) 626-8500.

Blue Summer

Call Cobalt (333 St. Charles Ave., 565-5595) to learn what Chef Brack May is smoking this week. Each week this summer, May is dabbling in a different region's barbecue culture, from Memphis dry-rub spare ribs to Louisiana barbecue shrimp.

Cheap date idea: The Food Network's reality show, Into the Fire, will feature the hot and cold of Commander's Palace's kitchen at 9:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 1.

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