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Remembering Lee Barnes
Your recipes are wanted if you took cooking classes from Lee Barnes when she ran an Uptown cooking school during the 1970s and '80s. The Newcomb Center for Women's Research and the local Slow Food chapter are organizing an event in her honor (she died in 1992 at the age of 40), scheduled for Sept. 27. In coordination with the event, they are compiling a permanent Lee Barnes recipe collection and looking for recipes students learned in her classes. Send recipes to: Poppy Tooker at 2210 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, LA, 70115.

More Fun with Recipes
WYES-TV12 wants your recipes for the Italian Cooking Celebration to air in November. WYES will use all submitted recipes to assemble a cookbook; some of the best recipes will be prepared on the program. Send your Italian recipes to: Italian Cooking Celebration at WYES-TV, P.O. Box 24026, New Orleans, LA, 70184-4026.

Let's Have Some Fungi
It's the second coming of the fungi: Marisol (437 Esplanade Ave., 943-1912) Fungus Fest runs through Sunday. In addition to the mushroom-centric specials offered all week, there's an all-mushroom wine dinner on Wednesday night. Call for details or log on at

Compliments of the House
Bon anniversaire to Chateaubriand (310 N. Carrollton Ave., 207-0016), where all month you receive a complimentary glass of champagne with the three-course first Anniversary Menu.

Getting the Worm
I can't let the month slip by without mentioning the Early Bird Special at Dante's Kitchen (736 Dante Street, 861-3121), which for three courses goes for $16. Available Monday through Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., the special offers several choices for each course, including the shrimp and grits appetizer and the sweet potato white chocolate pie.

Tracking Gerard Maras
This isn't news to fans of Gerard's Downtown (500 St. Charles Ave., 592-0200), who I imagine have been heartsick for weeks, but Gerard Maras' CBD restaurant has closed for good. Since last fall, Maras has been running the kitchen at Gerard's as well as the one at Artesia Manor (21516 Hwy. 36, 985-892-1662) in Abita Springs. Within 11 days at the end of July, Maras and Artesia owner Vicky Bayley announced the appointment of new Chef Terrell Brunet at Artesia, and Maras and restaurateur Ralph Brennan revealed that they are joining forces in a downtown restaurant venture. The two men first worked together 20 years ago when Maras began a 13-year stint at Mr. B's Bistro (201 Royal St., 523-2078). They have not announced a location for the new restaurant.

This week's column powered by herb-packed labna at Jerusalem Deli, which for $3 includes pickled turnips and green olives.

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