Fond Memories, Lasting Love



Audrey and Vincent DiConstantino
Married November 21, 1952

For Audrey DiConstantino, it was a broken car that helped her to snag her first date with her would-be husband.

Needing to install a new engine, Audrey sought out the help of her brother, who referred her to Vincent DiConstantino -- his friend's business partner and, unknown to him at the time, his future brother-in-law. With a repaired car and a newly budding attraction, the two went on their first date, and the rest is history.

"In a 55-year marriage, trust is key," says Audrey. Although Vincent's job required him to work offshore, often for seven days at a time during the early part of their marriage, Audrey still says that the first two years were "the most beautiful." "We just trusted each other and were never jealous," she recalls. And more than five decades later, their bond is still strong.

For newlyweds seeking advice, Audrey says: "Be true to each other, cherish every moment together and never get jealous." She also advises couples to spend a lot of time together before having children.

On resolving conflicts with a spouse, she says to "talk, talk, talk it out," and that "it all starts with trust."


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