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Lila Stewart of Hari Mari flip-flops


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What distinguishes $60-$80 leather flip-flops from pairs that cost a fraction of that? A lot of things, according to Lila Stewart, who founded Hari Mari ( flip-flops with her husband two years ago.

  "[The flip-flops] are made from recycled rubber and premium full-grain leather, so they will patina well with time and last forever," she says. "There's a year-long warranty. Our engineer came from Teva and designed a patented toe lift, arch support and a spring lift at the front of the flip-flop. There's memory foam in the toe piece."

  But perhaps the best-feeling aspect of the flip-flops isn't the way they mold to feet — it's the company's charitable donations. "For every pair purchased, Hari Mari donates $3 to kids battling cancer in the U.S.," Stewart says. During September, National Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, that commitment doubles to $6.

  Hari Mari flip-flops are available at The Blues Jean Bar, Rubensteins and SNAP New Orleans. Stewart says she aims to make Dallas-based Hari Mari a nationally known brand. "We have grown so quickly, and I think it's a testament to the fact that [the flip-flops] are made responsibly and give back," she says.


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