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Five virtuous veggie burgers


517 Frenchmen St. (504) 942-1345
A loose-packed black bean burger on French bread is served late.

8801 Oak St., (504) 298-8689
A varied harvest of vegetables is ground together and griddled crisp.

Liberty's Kitchen
422 S. Broad St.
(504) 822-4011
A black bean patty comes topped with guacamole at this nonprofit cafe.

Shortall's BBQ
Twelve Mile Limit, 500 S. Telemachus St., (504) 488-8114
Sliders feature patties made from figs, sweet potato, peppers and blue cheese.

8115 Oak St., (504) 218-5416
This burger specialist offers a thick, fried cake of shredded beets and beans.

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