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Five venison dishes


8324 Oak St., (504) 861-0886
Venison is breaded, country fried and served with a peppery mushroom gravy.

Mat & Naddie's
937 Leonidas St., (504) 861-9600
Grilled Denver leg venison comes with Norwegian flatbread, cauliflower puree, watercress and lingonberry sauces.

1051 Annunciation St., (504) 324-3658
Fried venison backstrap is served with pan-seared gnocchi and andalouse sauce.

4128 Magazine St., (504) 304-3667
Grilled venison flank steak is served with yucca confit, grilled eggplant, watercress, Creole tomato fricassee and white peach salad with rosemary-basil vinaigrette.

Tomas Bistro
755 Tchoupitoulas St., (504) 527-0942
Roasted venison short loin is served with juniper berries, gratined potatoes, roasted cipollini onions, steamed asparagus and black pepper burgundy reduction.

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