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Five squid dishes worth some ink


Ralph's on the Park

900 City Park Ave., 488-1000

Pork-stuffed squid is served over udon noodles with Vietnamese fish sauce.


800 S. Peters St., 525-3474

A dose of black squid ink gives the "black rice" entree its name.

Maximo's Italian Grill

1117 Decatur St., 586-8883

Rings and tentacles are sauteed with spicy red wine marinara.

Kim Son

349 Whitney Ave., Gretna, 366-2489

Salt-baked squid isn't baked or terribly salty; instead, it is fried and flecked with pepper.


3312 Esplanade Ave., 488-6946

A grilled slab of squid gets heat from plenty of garlic and pepper in a fiery sauce.

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