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Five spots for fried chicken livers


Elizabeth's Restaurant

601 Gallier St., (504) 944-9272

Chicken livers come with spicy-sweet pepper jelly.

La Peniche Restaurant

1940 Dauphine St.,

(504) 943-1460

Chicken livers are smothered with brown gravy and onions.

Mahony's Po-Boy Shop

3454 Magazine St., (504) 899-3374

Chicken livers go into a singularly rich po-boy dressed with slaw.

Praline Connection

542 Frenchmen St., (504) 943-3934

Pick livers as your meat for red beans, crowder peas or greens.

Ralph's on the Park

900 City Park Ave., (504) 488-1000

During Sunday brunch, chicken livers and mushrooms fill an omelet.

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