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Five spots for barbecue


The Joint

801 Poland Ave., 949-3232

Get a plate with three links of spicy, smoked Creole-style chaurice.

Walker's Southern-Style BBQ

10828 Hayne Blvd., 241-8227

Ribs rule at this Jazz Fest vendor's year-round lakefront roost.

Hillbilly Bar-B-Q

208 Tallulah Ave., River Ridge, 738-1508

The pulled pork is great, but don't miss the smoked chicken salad.

Squeal Bar-B-Q

8400 Oak St., 302-7370

The enigmatic smoked tomato-based sauce gets spicy heat from ginger and black pepper.

Ugly Dog Saloon

401 Andrew Higgins Blvd., 569-8459

A mug of chili beans with onions and cheese merits a visit.

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