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Five refreshing nonalcoholic drinks


Booty's Street Food
800 Louisa St., (504) 266-2887
The selection of aguas frescas includes strawberry zobo, which is a play on a Nigerian drink traditionally created with dried roselle flowers.

527 Julia St., (504) 875-4132
Freshly pressed cupuacu juice comes from a South American fruit that has a flavor somewhere between banana and pear.

Carrollton Market
8132 Hampson St., (504) 252-9928
A floral take on the Arnold Palmer features a blend of iced tea, lavender and lemon to create the Palmer San.

Lucky Rooster
515 Baronne St., (504) 529-5825
Among the sodas mixed with house-made syrups or juices is a refreshing celery soda with earthy undertones.

The Soda Shop
American Sector, 945 Magazine St., (504) 527-6012 -shop.html
Chef John Besh's throwback spot in the National World War II Museum offers a creamy house-made take on New Orleans' traditional nectar soda with flavors of almond and vanilla.

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