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Five refreshing food Items To Try at Jazz Fest


The unlikely combination of crawfish, spinach and zucchini in the bisque served by Jamila's Café in Food Area II proves uniquely rejuvenating.

Goi cuon, or traditional Vietnamese spring rolls, from Ba Mien Vietnamese Cuisine at Heritage Square, bundle boiled shrimp, pork and thin noodles in fresh, clear rice paper.

Filling and flavorful shrimp and sausage maque choux livens the sweet, juicy goodness of corn courtesy of the United Houma Nation stall at the Folk area.

The flavors of fresh mint, lemon, parsley and tomato get crunch from onions and gentle heft from bulgur wheat in the tabbouleh salad from Mona's Café at Food Area II.

Mango freeze, served at several locations, tastes more like fruit than sugar or syrup, and sales benefit nonprofit community radio station WWOZ 90.7 FM.

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