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Five places to get bubble tea


Dong Phuong
14207 Chef Menteur Highway, (504) 254-0296
Flavors include jackfruit and mung bean.

Frosty's Caffe
2800 Manhattan Blvd,, Harvey, (504) 361-9099
Bubble teas feature chewy balls of tapioca and a Thai tea option.

1912 Magazine St., (504) 301-3227
Honeydeux is known for creative bubble tea flavors, fruit jellies — including mango and lychee — and use of seasonal fruit.

Mr. Bubbles Sandwich House
925 Behrman Highway, Gretna, (504) 570-6377
One of the city's most eclectic assortments of bubble tea flavors includes pennywort, soursop and sugarcane with durian.

4077 Tulane Ave., (504) 483-8899
Passion fruit, red bean and taro bubble teas are on the menu, as well as the addition of fruity "bursting pearls" instead of tapioca.

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