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Five peppers with the right stuff


Deanie's Restaurant

1016 Annunciation St., 529-7797

The pepper's filling of beef, hot sausage and rice resembles spicy boudin.

Mr. Ed's

1001 Live Oak Ave., Metairie, 838-0022

Shrimp, crabmeat and crawfish mix it up in the seafood-stuffed pepper.

Joey K's Restaurant

3001 Magazine St., 891-0997

Chalk up the beef- and shrimp-stuffed pepper with cabbage, rice and gravy as a hearty Wednesday blackboard special.

Mayas Restaurant & Bar

2027 Magazine St., 309-3401

A roasted poblano is filled with mild cheese and covered with smoky tomato sauce.

Emeril's Delmonico

1300 St. Charles Ave., 525-4937

Bowing to tradition, the menu's "classics" section includes a crawfish-stuffed pepper with tomato courtbouillon.

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