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Five out-of-town dining alternatives


Middendorf's Restaurant

30160 Hwy. 51 S., Akers, (985) 386-6666

The famous destination for catfish has a waterfront deck.

Mosca's Restaurant

4137 HWY. 90 W., Avondale, 436-8950

Get garlicky Italian food on family-style platters.

Salvo's Seafood

7742 Hwy. 23, Belle Chasse, 393-7303

The boiled seafood specialist offers all-you-can-eat deals.

Spahr's Seafood

3682 Hwy. 90 E., Des Allemands, (985) 758-1602

Enjoy Cajun flavor in the catfish capital, Des Allemands.

Wayne Jacob's Smokehouse

769 W. Fifth St., LaPlace, (985) 652-9990

The smokehouse's cafe serves weekend dinner and Sunday brunch.

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