Five New Orleans 5 a.m. Bars


Snake & Jake's

7612 Oak St., 861-2802

At 5 a.m., there's still plenty of time to sober up before class.

The Saint

961 St. Mary St., 523-0050

The coin-op photo booth will help you remember where you were and who you were with.

Aunt Tiki's

1207 Decatur St., 680-8454

Changes of name or decor won't bother the crowd that's lightened this dark, musty den's open door through the ages.

Ms. Mae's/The Club

4336 Magazine St., 895-9401

Falling asleep at the bar isn't encouraged, but you won't be the first — see the bar's Web site Hall of Shame (

F&M's Patio Bar

4841 Tchoupitoulas St., 895-6784

The pool table gets covered because the night is long, and the staff knows how much some revelers like both drinking and dancing.

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