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Five internationally inspired pop-ups in New Orleans

And where to find them



New Orleans has an active pop-up Scene. At last count, there were more than 50 restaurant pop-ups in the city. Among the newest are a few experimenting with globally inspired menus and ingredients. Here are five new pop-ups and where to find them:

Lucille's Roti Shop (
  Local couple Brent Tranchina and Angelique Theriot launched their Trinidadian-themed pop-up in April, after spending a few years living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Tranchina worked as a chef at Coi, the renowned tasting menu-only restaurant. Tranchina's mother hails from Trinidad, the inspiration for the pop-up menu.


  Diners will find aloo pie, a fried dough pocket filled with cumin-spiced mashed potatoes and served with tamarind and habanero sauces ($6). The team prepares different curries with meats and vegetables, including a spicy chicken curry served with daal, curried potatoes, chana (chickpeas), rice and a rotating selection of chutneys ($10).

  Find it at Parleaux Beer Lab (634 Lesseps St.) every Monday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Midnight Noodle (
  Melvin Stovall III was born and raised in New Orleans, but while living in Los Angeles he developed a love for the city's Thai restaurants. After moving back to New Orleans, Stovall launched his Thai-themed pop-up Midnight Noodle.

  His menus are Thai-focused and include vegan dumplings filled with soy protein, ginger and chives served with a spicy chili oil ($7). He usually serves a noodle dish such as phat si ew, made with Chinese broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts, fried tofu, garlic, sweet soy sauce and chili-garlic sauce ($10). For the sweettooth, there are vegan sweet matcha powder donuts and chocolate-glazed donuts with peanut butter and raspberry jam fillings ($3-3.50).

  Find it June 10 at 40 Arpent Brewing Company (6809 N. Peters St., Arabi) and at lunchtime Tuesdays and Thursdays at Arrow Cafe (628 N. Rampart St.).

La Monita (
  Tracey Armitage spent several years in Colombia and fell in love with the South American country's cuisine. In fall 2016, Armitage moved to New Orleans and launched her Colombian-themed pop-up.

  Dishes include a chipotle and poblano pepper-spiced chicken arepa with sweet plantains ($10); spicy pineapple and basil ceviche over fried green plantains ($8); and yuca fries with chimichurri dipping sauce ($6).

  Find it Tuesday, June 6 at Parleaux Beer Lab (634 Lesseps St.), Saturday, June 10 at Grow On Urban Farms (2358 Urquhart St.) and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, June 11 at Urban South Brewery (1645 Tchoupitoulas St.).

South of Eden (
  Growing up in Mexico City, culinary nutritionist Liliana Ruiz-Healy learned to appreciate the country's indigenous ingredients while finding ways to use fresh fruits and vegetables. In the past year-and-a-half in New Orleans, Ruiz-Healy has made food inspired by her Mexican heritage. She uses no animal proteins, gluten, soy, refined sugars or processed ingredients in her dishes.

  Dishes incorporate herbs and dehydrated ingredients, including raw granolas, which Ruiz-Healy uses in smoothie bowls. She also makes tamales, which she often fills with a melted cashew cheese she makes herself, and there often is a house-made mole on her menu. Dishes range from $6 to $11.

  Find it June 12 and 26 at Arrow Cafe (628 N. Rampart St.), at several Eat Local Challenge events ( and at Solo Espresso (1301 Poland Ave.) every fourth Saturday of the month.

Izakaya Ball (
  Part catering, part pop-up, part monthly dinner party, Izakaya Ball has garnered buzz for its creative Asian-inspired menus, usually hosted at bars.

  Twin brothers Michael and Chris Ball and Samantha Marcantel run the show, promoting events on their Instagram feed, sometimes just days before a dinner. The Ball brothers developed a love for ramen, which inspires their constantly changing menus.

 Sample dishes include a shrimp and grits-inspired congee bowl with pork belly, Gulf shrimp, corn, okra, Thai chilies, a soft-boiled egg, fried shallots and chanterelles. Dishes fall in the $8-10 range.

  Look for a coursed dinner in mid-June at a location to be announced.

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