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Five inexpensive spots for al fresco dining


Cafe Freret

7329 Freret St., 861-7890

Housed in a former gas station, the cafe offers lots of shade and breakfast anytime.

Cafe Navarre

800 Navarre Ave., 483-8828

There is a covered patio in front and many poached egg dishes on the brunch menu.

Courtyard Grill

4430 Magazine St., 875-4164

This Middle Eastern restaurant has an attractive deck and large platters to share.

Crescent Pie and Sausage Company

4400 Banks St., 482-2426

Enjoy unique pizzas and house-made meats on an elevated, covered deck.

Galley Seafood

2535 Metairie Road, 832-0955

The porch lends a camplike setting for boiled and fried seafood.

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