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Five in 5: vegetarian curries in New Orleans


Ba Chi Canteen
7900 Maple St., (504) 373-5628
Coconut curry tofu is available over rice, in banh mi and in "bacos," or Vietnamese-style buns, topped with fried shoestring sweet potatoes and basil aioli.

1212 Royal St., (504) 522-1230
Bikai ni curry includes eggplant, mushrooms and bean sprouts in curry sauce served with couscous.

Green Goddess
307 Exchange Place, (504) 301-3347
Rolled Indian-style uttapam features a savory pancake made with tomatoes and onions filled with vegan curry and topped with coconut slaw and tamarind chutney.

8324 Oak St., (504) 861-0886
The "vegetarian delight" features acorn squash stuffed with vegetables topped with coconut curry sauce.

514 City Park Ave., (504) 482-6845
Fall squash curry features shaved pickled acorn squash, roasted pumpkin, puffed wild rice and toasted pumpkin seeds.

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