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Five in 5: shrimp toast


601 Loyola Ave., (504) 613-3860
Shrimp toast features pork belly and sweet chili sambal.

Five Happiness
3605 S. Carrollton Ave., (504) 482-3935
Shrimp toast is sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with a hot mustard dipping sauce.

800 Magazine St., (504) 522-1744
Crispy shrimp toast is studded with scallions and jalapenos and topped with house-made pickles.

5757 Magazine St., (504) 891-1177
Thick slices of bread are topped with shrimp in celery and ginger aioli.

Willa Jean
611 O'Keefe Ave., (504) 509-7334
Barbecue shrimp toast features grilled sourdough topped with burrata, Gulf shrimp and a New Orleans-style barbecue sauce.

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