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Five Great Roasted Chickens


Bistro Daisy

5831 Magazine St., 899-6987

Roasted chicken with porcini dust and thyme is reminiscent of the chef's work at Peristyle.


3637 Magazine St., 895-1636

A textbook French rendition is abetted by balsamic-glazed onions.

Maximo's Italian Grill

1117 Decatur St., 586-8883

Rustic-style roasted chicken gets a kick from Italian sausage seared in habanero-infused olive oil.

Munch Factory

5339 Franklin Ave., 324-5372

Chicken is sauteed, roasted and finished with a creamy fines herbes sauce.


200 Julia St., 252-9480

Dehydrated mushroom paper is draped over a deeply smoky bird.

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