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Five great crepes


La Crepe Nanou

1410 Robert St., 899-2670

The crepe Provençale with ratatouille is a light option on a long list of crepes.

Jazmine Cafe

614 S. Carrollton Ave., 866-9301

Pork, shrimp, sprouts and cilantro fill the Vietnamese-style crepe called banh xeo.

Crepes a La Cart

1039 Broadway St., 866-2362

Crepes can become handheld sundaes with ice cream, chocolate and nuts.


801 Chartres St., 568-1885

A menu mainstay features an herbed-goat-cheese-filled crepe topped with crawfish and tomato sauce.

Broussard's Restaurant

819 Conti St., 581-3866

Cream cheese, brandy and pecans define a grand finale of a dessert.

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