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Five Favs for house-made bread

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Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine

923 Metairie ROAd, Metairie, 836-6859

The crisp, fluffy flatbread called naan is baked in the tandoor oven.

Babylon Cafe

7724 Maple St., 314-0010

Crusty loaves make an exceptional alternative to pita for Middle Eastern dips.

K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen

416 Chartres St., 596-2530

The black muffins in the bread basket are dense with molasses.


2800 Magazine St., 265-0421

Addictive dinner rolls with outrageously rich butter could ruin an appetite.

Sukho Thai

1913 Royal St., 948-9309

Hot, chewy roti bread helps cut the heat of spicy green curry.


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