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Five extreme po-boys


Cooter Brown's Tavern

509 S. Carrollton Ave., 866-9104

Boudreaux's special features fried meat pies layered with provolone, covered in gravy and stuffed into French bread.

Mahony's Po-Boys

3454 Magazine St., 899-3374

If you think a handful of fried chicken livers is good, then this po-boy loaded with them must be great.


457 St. Ann St., 593-0006

Barbecued Korean beef with kimchee is cold, rare and spiked with spicy, pickled cabbage.

Radosta's Famous Po-boys

249 Aris St., 831-1537

Don's special adds coarsely chopped, homemade olive salad to homemade Italian sausage links and provolone on toasted Binder bread.

Verti Marte

1201 Royal St., 525-4767

All That Jazz crams an unruly orchestra of grilled ham, turkey, shrimp, Swiss and American cheeses, grilled mushrooms and creamy Wow sauce into bread.

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