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Five dishes with miso


Breads on Oak
8640 Oak St., (504) 324-8271
The Live Food sandwich features carrots, avocado, cucumber slices, sprouts and miso spread.

8312 Oak St., (504) 826-9119
Deep-fried grouper is tossed with miso dressing and served with pickled vegetables in a soft, steamed bun.

4600 Washington Ave., (504) 304-8557
The "tiramiso," a spin on the Italian dessert, features miso-infused cake batter, mascarpone cheese and coffee ice cream.

Noodle & Pie
741 State St., (504) 252-9431
Vegetarian ramen includes miso broth, Napa cabbage, chili sesame oil, green onions, enoki mushrooms and a soft egg.

Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen
748 Camp St., (504) 298-7317
Oyster mushroom salad is made with miso butter, oyster sauce and fresh thyme.


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