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Five dishes served au gratin

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The Country Club
634 Louisa St., (504) 945-0742
Brandade de morue au gratin is a French dish of whipped salted cod, similar to Spanish bacalao.

Crescent City Steaks
1001 N. Broad St., (504) 821-3271
This traditional steakhouse serves classic, creamy spinach au gratin.

Doris Metropolitan
620 Chartes St., (504) 267-3500
This modern steakhouse serves asparagus au gratin.

Peche Seafood Grill
800 Magazine St., (504) 522-1744
Cauliflower gratin decadently highlights the unsung vegetable.

Vine and Dine
141 Delaronde St., (504) 361-1402
Brie and crab au gratin serves as an appetizer or small entree.


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