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Five charcuterie boards featuring house-made sausages and cured meats


930 Tchoupitoulas St., 504-588-2123
The Boucherie Plate typically includes items such as rillettes, house-made sausage, country bologna, cured pork shoulder or loin, dry beef sticks, hog's head cheese or terrine and toast points, mustard and two types of pickles.

Crescent Pie & Sausage Company
4400 Banks St., 504-482-2426
The Mixed Grill includes little smokies (miniature pork sausages in barbecue sauce), two types of links from the rotating selection (bratwursts, smoked hot sausage, spiced lamb), smoked coppa (cured pork shoulder), house-made pickles and mustard or aioli.

123 Baronne St., 504-648-6020
Diners can choose from house-made duck pate, prosciutto, lardo, salami gentile (not spicy), lonza (cured pork shoulder), bresaola and other items for a platter with accoutrements such as olives, spiced figs and pickled fennel.

200 Julia St. 504-252-9480
The Sausage Fest features the chef's selection of six house-made sausages such as cervelat (Swiss-style sausage of pork and sweetbreads), morcilla (boudin-like Spanish blood sausage) and spicy lamb merguez, plus pickled watermelon rinds and vegetables (squash, zucchini), fennel-bacon marmalade, mustard and a pretzel bun.

Toups' Meatery
845 N. Carrollton Ave., 504-252-4999
The Meatery Board is a grazing platter featuring items such as boudin, Steen's syrup chaurice, pickled jalapeno sausage, pate, spicy cured pork shoulder, rillons (candied pork belly), chicken liver mousse, hog's head cheese, two kinds of pickles, olives and red onion marmalade.

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