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First look at Toast, Uptown’s newest breakfast joint



  Toast (5433 Laurel St., 504-267-3260;, the breakfast spot from the folks behind Tartine (7217 Perrier St., 504-866-4860;, opened its doors April 29 and revealed a menu that's refreshingly off-the-beaten path.

  The space (the original home of Laurel Street Bakery, which is now at 2701 S. Broad St.) is small, but rattan chairs, light wood and warm chartreuse paint make it feel cozy and inviting. Ample natural light highlights a large mural of bridges over glistening water.

  The menu's aebelskivers, or Danish pancakes, are as delightful as promised, with a dense, fluffy texture and rich, egg-heavy batter that is simultaneously light and filling. The lemon curd (one of several topping options) is thinned enough to be a successful sauce and adds a welcome citrus note.

  Portions are generous, with cinnamon rolls and biscuits as big as bread plates, and particular attention is paid to dishes that feature toast as a foundation. The indulgent option of toast with honey, prosciutto and ricotta is a great way to shake up a stale breakfast routine, but simpler options, like toast with avocado and egg, also are winners.

  Toast serves breakfast and lunch Tuesday through Sunday.

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